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Dropping leaf

Dropping leaf

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This different unique symbolic design will give you a highly fashionable luxurious style. 

This symbolism comes from that, like the autumn leaves, we would drop from the tree. As humans, we try to stay connected with the thin golden thread of hope. Despite the fact that we are not perfect and can't be even gold-plated, holding the hope thread will make us a part of this beautiful golden life. And we will survive winter to spring.

No matter what you face in life, don't lose hope and stay gold!

Sizes: Necklace Shortest length: 50+5cm. Leaf thread: 15 cm.

Plating: Chains (Necklace and earrings): 18K gold-plated. Clasp: 14K gold-plated. Leaves: KC gold colour (not gold-plated).

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