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3 looks in 1 golden hearts set

3 looks in 1 golden hearts set

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A new era of functional and elegant jewellery and accessories is required for our modern lifestyle. This one-of-a-kind gold-plated necklace offers an incredible practical method to wear jewellery.

Choose how you wish to wear it based on the style of your clothes and the event.

Option 1: Wear this necklace as a single long chain with heart charms.

Option 2: Wear this necklace as a single short chain around your neck, adorning it with two gorgeous hearts, and letting the rest hang down your back for a luxurious, sexy look.

Option 3: For a sweet, cute look, wear it as a double chain necklace.

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You also receive a pair of asymmetrical earrings in addition to the necklace.
Sizes: Necklace: 96 + 7 cm. Segment 1: 44 cm. Segment 2: 52 + 7 cm. 

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